— Albanski Raj Green Power —

Hey fellas, blank here, back again with another review of an eastern European/middle eastern energy drink, which when i come to think about it is a very specific type of food product to be reviewed, i mean its probably our most common type of product being reviewed, other than some stupid biscuits or some shit like that, but its still weird none the less, that something so niche would be so common, but hey we cant turn down all that Saudi oil money so here we go. Compared to its predecessors the green power doesn't really live up to expectations, so far the other EEMEED ( eastern European or middle eastern energy drinks) it is not that great. Actually "Eemeed" sounds like a eastern European and middle eastern name at the same time, so its a very fitting acronym if you think about it. But anyhow, it isn't that great, the can looks pretty neat, and the drink itself got this weird green nuclear waste vibe going, if your into that kind of thing. But the taste is somewhat weird, its hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but it has this sorta vegetable after taste to it, on the back of the can it says its flavored with "hempseed", which I'm guessing is some weird ganja grown in an Albanian concrete apartment complex basement, so maybe your supposed to smoke it and not drink it, or some stupid Albanian thing like that. Anyways it was a pretty passable drink with not much more too it, the caffeine didn't affect me much either, but that's probably because of all the morphine tablets i have to take to be able to write one of these soul crushing reviews. Well see you guys next time, and don't forget to like and follow us on Facebook! Have a good one.