Axe Black

So I'm back, writing a review, eating some food, yeah... the works. So, in support of the BLM movement I decided to try out Axe Black, and spoiler alert, it tastes like shit. It comes in quite a convenient container, and it is very easy to eat if you are in a rush, seeing as you can literally just spray it into your mouth, but despite all this, it taste awful. Another thing that bothered me about this product, is the fact that they are marketing it as "fresh" it even says so on the can itself, so I tried asking one of the people working at the grocery store, when exactly it was harvested, and how long it would take to go moldy, but they just looked at me weird and refused to speak to me. So I'm wagering that Axe might have some secret recipe that they do not want me to know about and therefore try to keep secret from me, kinda like with the government and meth, but more effective. Well that's all for this time, Merry Summer!