- Benim'o with chocolate -

High expectations often lead to a great disappointment, this time is no exception. It looked good and the packaging made high expectations, but after the first bite I understood that I had been fooled by the beautiful and convincing look on the packaging. The taste wasn't awful, and I don't hate it, but I will probably never buy it again. After the first bite I saw that the inside of the little chocolate cake didn't look like the picture on the package at all. It was very dry, and I had to bring a glass of water to eat it. Maybe it wasn't the producers fault of the dryness, it was probable the storage in the store, but anyway it destroyed the little meal. I have to say I'm usually not choosy when it comes to chocolate, and the taste was not bad, but I have tasted a lot of chocolate products that was much better. Sadly the storage of food is probably not rated high enough of the stores. The meal would probably have been much better if the packaging was awful.  -Noodles