— Cheetos Green Onion —

Hey hey people, blank here! Its been a long time hasn't it, haven't seen you guys in an entire decade! its not my fault that the cryo chamber froze up, but hey enough about my problems. Lets have a look at todays review, at the chopping block today we have the "cheetos green onion", bought locally for a decent coin this alternative snack decides to present itself as a ring, instead of a chip, as is most common with potato chips, from wenth the name comes, haha I'm just kidding, its actually a torus! but you knew that didn't you? after all the Venn diagram over people who like foodio and people who are absolute geniuses is in fact a perfect circle. As a matter of fact i actually had a math test today, so you can imagine my surprise when i turn up to school having spent the entire previous evening smoking crystal, and finding out we are having a MATH test and not a METH test, well so much for that i guess. but where was i... yes the cheeto, it pretty good as far as cheetos goes, not perfect but miles better than the fuggin horrible "ketchup" variants, god i hate the ketchup snacks, well luckily for this little fella it aint ketchup flavored, the taste is a bit doughy though, so the score is what it is. Well see you in a few months or so when i write another review, BLANK OUT 


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