— Coarse Mustard —

Well, its friday again(yoyehe) and time for a new review. So alot of things has happened this week, we just made a foodio channel on youtube, and you should definitely check it out. Click here! Like and Subscribe!!                                                                                                                                                                 And now over to the review

I have been thoughting about reviewing this for a while now, maybe too long, Anyways i have always enjoyed this mustard, made by the Norwegian mustard and ketchup brand called Idun. 

Spicy and pointy in the taste, soft and creamy, just the way i like it. Mustard at it's best, no doubt. I really enjoyed it and i think it might be one of my best mustard experiences. Love it.

I've heard it's common to eat this to hot-dogs, so i did. And apparently  you are not supposed to eat dogs, and especially not heat them before eating them. But it was totally worth it anyway. I highly recommend this mustard, one of the best i have ever tried. 



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