Covid 19

Do y'all know what COVID-19 is? I have no idea what the fuck that bullshit is. So i dont care about that bullshit at all.

Now im diagnosed with this fucking "bullshit". I cough blood and all! I know im dying. So, i wanted to speak to the CEO of COVID-19. I heard that the CEO of COVID-19 is chilling around in Asia. And he is COMMUNIST activist. So you know what im going to do, right?

I flew to japan. And then i killed 2 bodyguards in airport because i dont want to get quarantine because its a waste of my time. I just want to talk to that fucking assholes.

I found him! There is he! In that fucking comedy-talk show. They thought that i am a guest of that show. So i makes some joke like 'I'm kill those bodyguards becuase it is funny". And "They dont have to worry about COVID-19 anymore. Because i killed them"! But they dont even laugh. Im dissapointed. So i said "Do you want another jokes, Murray?" Yeah, his name is Murray also he is the CEO of COVID-19. So i stabbed him. COVID is gone. I got arrested. There is a riot in the city.

-Crying Doomer