— Doughnut Bacon Burger —

Uhhhh, today I'll be reviewing this h a m b u r g e r, called Doughnut Bacon Burger. I'll start off with the packaging; it came in a wrapping, nothing's so special about it. The wrapping style's pretty regular to compare with others, but so far, so good. Next, appearance of the food; I really like how it looked, it's already giving me rumblies at first sight. All the cheese that are melting down and the smells, but the back of the bread's burnt a little, so still. Moving on to my first bite; extraordinary, I gave it. The sounds of when you're masticating is delightful, and especially the feels. On to the next one, temperature; the food itself cooked in an on point heat, and right tools. Oh, don't forget about the taste, you see how tasty looking it is, why wouldn't it be deliciousta. After the meal, my stomach felt much better. When the first bite, the breads were soft, the bacons are mellow, the cheeses are wonderful, and the beefs are on perfect condition. And that's it for today, I reckon you to go and have a taste, this one's real good, you won't regret. 

Alan Sho