Extra Strawberry Chewing Gum

So I'm back again, writing a review, just like in the old days... well I guess we should get the elephant out the room before we move on.

After further evaluation I have concluded that the elephant is in fact to heavy for me to successfully be able to remove it from my room without industrial equipment, so instead i'll just talk a bit about the virus, while the elephant stands here trying to eat the wall insulation. Hey speaking of insulation. How about that Tom Hanks virus, huh? Or "The Corona virus" as some detractors have decided to refer to it as. Crazy how just a little flu such as this is enough for everyone to finally stay indoors. Last time I stayed inside without leaving for as long as this was way back during a heated gaming session in '98, and lets just say that ended in a couple of casualties as well lol! (laughing out loudly) Staying isolated for as long as this can easily lead to a bit of the old cabin fever, had it not been for the amazing healing qualities of the Extra Strawberry chewing gum, I would had killed at least one of my wives by now. Sadly chewing gum makes you rather hungry, which is a shame considering how there apparently aren't any food left, and of course the rebars over at the government building have decided on closing down all the food stores, which is completely ludicrous, Like.. Hello! last i checked a fucking building couldn't get sick with a virus. If two metal planes wasn't enough to make the twin towers keel over, I'm positive that a fucking flu ain't enough to do so!

All in all i'd say that the Extra Strawberry chewing gum is one of the better chewing gums out there, way richer in flavor than most other "non-candy" chewing gums, and it holds onto that flavor for a lot longer as well. Buying them as ten-packs in Sweden also made them arousingly cheap. Well I gotta go now, the elephant has gotten cancer due to the asbestos in the insulation, and since the hospitals aren't up (and I'm banned from them to begin with) I'm gonna have to dust of the old gloves for a good old DYI operation. See ya!