— Gorbys Pirog Original —

Well well, I guess it's time for a new review. This time I decided to try out Gorby's Pizza Pirog, aka the one and only pizza cu*t. As Shakespeare said "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". OK,Anyways. Over to the review part. Gorby's is a pizza Pirog filled with meat, tomato sauce and cheese. I believe it is a perfect combination. You could argue that it is maybe a bit too much meat and that it could be more cheese for example, but I really don't mind the amount of meat. Also, It only takes a minute in the microwave to be finished, which I believe is a great plus, very easy to make is very important, good job Gorby's👍. And now time to slap some balls, it is a very good pizza, but I am a little disappointed of its size, it is not very big and I still have a feeling if hunger after eating it, but of course what should I expect for 2 dollars? I mean, why not just charge 3.5dollar or something and just make it a bit bigger, then maybe I would buy it more often when I get hungry and need some junk. Well I guess that's it, you should definitely try out Gorby's Pizza Pirog if you haven't already, so seeya later alligator! 



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