— Homemade Handcream —


It is finally the man the myth the unknown Faffas turn to write one of those weird ass reviews. So why dont make it weirder by writing one about a handcream straight outta nature science class. 

To be honest... No joke. This goo is flopping disgusting, and the smell. Ouf... It is bad, I mean really bad. It is a mix between cough mixture and licorice. Yeah I know that does not sound very appealing, but you can't judge something just by smelling it. To fully understand a product, it could be a banana or a handcream, you need to taste and let the tastebuds make up a meaning. So that is why Faffa, the big legend I am, decided to taste the flopping disgusting handcream. I found out that the best way to get the fully immersive handcream experience I had to cover my hands with the handcream. Then take a spoon and take some handcream out of the box and straight into my mouth. The goo/handcream had a good consistens but the taste was nothing to write home about. My first taste of this product was in the middle of the streets, and let me make it clear that eveybody could see me. And I was sure about every single person being cool and calm while a dude tasted a white goo from one of his little plastic containers he had stored in his pockets. 

After all of this critisism of the product, I can be sure to say that handcream with the smell of cough mixture and licorice are terrible when it comes to the taste and smell of thier product. I know this are not the longest and biggest review but I had to write something. And I found this oppurtunity the best one I have hade so far. 

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Faffa signing off...