— Kaif Energy Drink —

Hot damn, this energy drink sure was something, it might be the placebo effect following the amazing sales pitch from the cashier, which did in fact occur after the transaction had already been completed for some reason, but i digress. Being a 250ml can energy drink in the same vein as "powerking" or previously reviewed energy drink: "Ronin", wich you can read by visiting Foodioreviews.com link in the description, it taste quite similar to them, a little to similar in fact, i do believe there might be some sort of conspiracy at play here, but considering the fact that all these energy drinks are all most likely made in a sweatshop located in grebenau Germany, its not impossible that one of the child workers got one of the flavor barrels mixed. It gives you that sought after "kick in the ass" effect that we for some reason like to manipulate our nervous system to reenact unprovoked with the means of commercially produced products, but yet again i digress. The product doesn't give you the same "goditje në prapanicë" effect that the Albanian energy drinks provide, but for a scrawny nordling such as myself it did indeed administer an energy dosage about as forgiving as a standup act at the Nuremberg trials.