— Kims Sour Cream & Onion —

Have you ever thought of how big the ocean actually is, its very big, like crazy big. Think of all the fish that is there, alot of fish, must be a crazy amount of fish. What do fish actually eat?? do they just eat salt water??? jeez. Maybe they drink it, or do they just chug air?? I am confused..........

What if Africa just took all the salt water, and then removed the salt. Then they would have both salt and water. Separated. I think a person could live a pretty good life with a diet based on water and salt, but of course i cant speak for the whole african population. But maybe thèy could sell the salt and just drink water, then spend the money they earn from salt to buy a decent meal for once. Africa is just crazy big, maybe too big, but it is a good song, i like it very much, listen to it every day.

Anyway i have to say that the Kims Sour Cream & Onion was a pretty boring and normal chips, nothing special. Didn`t like the price, 

how much do you think we earn from our web advertisements, Meny Kremmertorget??

See`ya later skater