— mackerel in tomato —

So it's finally time to review this piece of fish huh? Well guess so. The mackrell in tomato is a product that has always kinda just been here, I can't really picture a time in history where mackrell in tomato wasn't a thing, kinda weird when I come to think of it, like has it always been there, or did like the mackrell in tomato company control our memories so that their product would seem better or something like that? These are all sadly questions we might never get the answer to, but never the less the MIT is here to stay. Actually MIT is a very fitting acronym for the mackrell in tomato, considering how well it seems to fit in, and how you get really disappointed when you get it for Christmas. When it comes to the actual product I don't really have much to say about it, I mean it's fish and tomato in a box, not really anything to mind boggling there, I mean they might have added a little too much tomatoes, they could even change the name to tomat in mackrello goigk by the obscene amounts of tomato sauce they managed to jam into this bad boy of a tin can. Speaking of the tin can, can we talk about how fricking dangerous that thing is? Like if I had a dollar for every time I viciously splice open my fingers on the can cover I might even be able to afford some if the medical bills I've gotten after having to have fingers stitched up. I don't understand how medical bills can be so high to begin with, like how expensive can it be to run a hospital? They could probably save a lot of money if they stopped wasting money on scalped and cutting tolls when they could just use the cover of the tin can on the mackrell in tomato box instead.
The MIT also looks pretty disgusting, all the tomato makes it soo disgustingly red, and we're not communists after all! The saving grace here is really that the MIT tastes pretty good, and is very affordable, I have also heard some rumors that it is very healthy, but who cares about that?