Make the Review

 How to Make a Review? 

Step 1:

Want to make a Review? It's easy. Download the review table and start filling it out, you put a cross on the scale from gruesome to extraordinary on each category. For example the first bite was gruesome, but the packaging was maybe outstanding or maybe even extraordinary. Its your opinion, we dont judge you. Unless your opinion is trash, then we probably will.

Step 2: 

Remember proper documentation of the product you are about to review. Standard Foodio Review uses 3 pictures, one picture of the product how it looks like before consuming it, and one picture of the product while being consumed and the Review Table.

Step 3: 

The writing, you can write pretty much anything, whatever you want, you are basically going to write a food review, how it's done? It's up to you, but i should be at least 200 words or more.

If you don't understand how the Food Review Table is done? do not worry here's an example↓↓↓