Before I begin this review I want you to take a few seconds on your own to think about what you expect from a Norwegian energy drink.

Well. You are correct. That's exactly what it tastes like.

The first taste was excellent, but it just got more and more like an energy drink worshiped by some retarded 05 kid.
One thing we can say for sure is that Norway can't make energy drinks worth drinking, actually no Norwegian drink is worth drinking. Too bad it's not good for your health to drink oil because oil is the only thing we can master.
Sometimes, I drink it, but my mother won't allow it. I think all Norwegians can recognise the embarrassing feeling you get when you get caught drinking some really good Johan Sverdrup oil from the North Sea. I was planning to review a glass of methanol next week, but due to the great chance of becoming blind, and the coronavirus effect on the eye department at Ullevål Hospital I didn't dare.
This is really not to joke about! About 250 000 Norwegian alcoholic Samis has turned blind after drinking methanol, and can't get
any help because all the medical personell on the eye department at the Ullevål Hospital are infected by the virus.
You may think it's strange that the Sami people would go to Ullevål Hospital in Oslo,
but it is a really unknown fun fact that most Samis actually live in Oslo.             Thank you very much.