my anger!

NOW yur Animal's Gone

Hello my name is Sweet Pink.You can also call me S*******.Im a guy from Thailand.

Today Im gonna review the song name my anger! from the band NOW yur Animal's Gone.This song is instrumental song.It's kind of scary but i think it okay for me.If love to listen to scary movie song then fear not this song is for you.This song is a bit long than the song i usually listen to.And some verse of the song is too quiet.But anyway this is still great to me.But somehow this song should be in some scary movie.But also this song is more like ambient for scary movie not a song.If you want t listen to this song here's the link: and this is the link to band channel: 

Hope you guys like it.And the guy who created the band is my friend.Don't forget to comment about the song in the song's comment section.Me and my friends are waiting to see your comment and you guys can also review this song too.And I also like the album cover of this song its look very aesthetic!
Okay this is the end of the review.Thanks for reading.Have a great day!!! 

-Sweet Pink