— Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) —

I know you're not supposed to drink olive oil directly from the bottle, alright? but that's just my own stupidity or something. Well, i tried it... Yeah, you're supposed to pour it through a salad or at least something that's not related with drinking it directly in to the mouth. Well its absolutely not that bad, But i don't recommend drink it directly from the bottle. So, Olive Oil taste is like you are eating snails or something. You can drink it slightly through your throat or you can rub your asshole or something as some people do before sex. But it's not a properly way to have sex, you know? You have to use condoms to get laid. Because you can get infect by a virus which can be HIV, Syphilis etc. So, i don't recommend to use olive oil to have a sex. OR if you are a girl you can use Birth-Control Pills. but remember, you have to take it properly because it can make you pregnant if you take it wrong. So make sure that you take the pills properly. So i think that Olive Oil still taste like shit by the way. POUR IT TO SALAD AND USE/EAT IT PROPERLY AS NORMAL PEOPLE DO!!!

-Crying Doomer