— Popkek Banana  —

Pop kek banana: Omhg this is actually such an amazing product, great taste, great price, you know, just the whole flippin' deal! The price alone was enough to make me lol (or should I say: kek? Nejnejenjenjenjekjeneke) at first, I thought I was related to the Egyptian frog god, but sadly it wasn't, at least to my knowledge. All in all, it's a great lil' snack to share with da pack. AAAWHOOOO. Or as one of my colleagues would say: Out of everything that this product does, I would say that the thing it does that it does better is definitely the fact that it does tastes very good, but it does not have a good price or it does not also have a great feeling (rates product 9 out of ten and writes some other stupid shit in a parentheses for some reason)