— Power Up +Energy —


It's time for new review and today I will be reviewing Power Up +Energy, bought from my local Asian store here in Norway, Hedmark Asia Food. Very nice, you should check it out next time you visit Norway. I'm sure Goran will be very happy to see some of the other heroes of foodio as well. (until we review his products and talk shit about them, then he will be mad). 

Anyways, time for the review. Power Up +Energy is known for its good renommé and their perfect combination between taste and caffeine. Bought all over the world and loved by its drinkers. (just fucking around, never even heard of it, first time I saw it in the store was today tbh) to me it was just a normal drink, it gave me energy, but in taste it was shit. At first sight it looked like piss. It's not just that it has the right colour, but also in the smell and consistency, it was piss. Not to mention the can, the can looked like a fucking Neo-Nazi recruitment poster. Jeez. I guess the designers went totally crazy or something. They must have thought they were going to take over the world or something, idk.
Of course they can make whatever energy drink they want, but please give me some more than just energy, I'm supposed to drink this shit too you know.
All in all, I guess you can buy this energy drink, if you're tired enough, but remember; you are supposed to drink it too. Well i guess that's all I had to say about this drink. seeya later gang