— Russian Power Energy Drink —

Merry Christmas to all the members of the Foodio family, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!!. To really kick off the new year feeling we have made a review of the Russian Power Premium Energy Drink.

The Russian Power Energy Drink is àn energy drink of very high quality, with its great taste and appearance there was no doubt, this must be one of the best energy drinks i have ever drinkenèd, Of course nothing beats Kaif Energy. 

With its spicy sparkling liquid and great colours i was more than satisfied, my life and dreams were all fullfilled. My head flew around like some junkies head on new years eve, worse than my roomates latest acid trip. Wait a second i dont have a roomate. Hmmm.

Anyways, this energy drink was more than i could ever ask for. You should definitely buy this if you ever find it in your local russian energy drink store.

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