— Toffe Cups —

The taste of this biscuit was everything that was outstanding with this average looking, edible and boring snack. I've only tasted it once, but it really tasted like something I've tasted before, but it was probably just my girlfriends... (a loud noise is heard, the noise is so loud that we can't hear what the author of this review is trying to say) Or maybe (The loud noise disappears) Or maybe it was my neighbours... (the loud noise is coming back just when the author is trying to tell us something important).

Now finally quiet. Anyway, I think the biscuits tasted nice and I recommend it, even though it was very boring and average looking. I wish the biscuit could say the same as Michael Jordan once said,

"all I knew was that I never wanted to be average."

-Michael Jordan

-Said The ToffeCups never, 2009