Yogurt with Cereal

Does it weird to eat with yogurt instead of milk?
I don't care. But does it taste good? It does.
Everytime i eat this yogurt bowl i feel nostalgic.
When i'm just a kid i used to travel a lot (but I haven't go outside my country yet)
Im travel a lot and i have to rest in hotel.
When i wake up i have eat a breakfast, right?
Then the hotel already prepare a breakfast for you.
So there is a cereal corner. So, i did it. I made that nostalgic menu. I love it. I don't know what to say.
I think this menu is a tribute for my dad( he's gone now btw) .
I have to thanks him because i have a good childhood because of him and this menu. So, thanks dad. And it does taste good anyways.
Ps. I did'nt see any of my friend eat cereal-yougurt bowl like me. So, i don't know if y'all ever eat this or does it weird, that's all.